Chelsea Flower Show 2019

May, 2019

A Picturial of the set-up of my 2019 Chelsea Flower Show!

My 105sqm plot partially excavated in preparation for the arrival of the Tree of Life and other sculptures!


Adam in his telehandler discharges 2 tons of the Tree of Life structure


The subteranean base of the Tree of Life is in place and the Tree of Life main structure is being winched into place.



Me removing the lift chains from the body of the tree of Life



Florence the Frisky Ostrich is removed from the container safely attached to her docking frame


Matt and I perfroming the precarious job of inserting the Wyverns wings into their sockets


The Wyvern in place above her Temple!


Bish and Matt planting daisies into Lindum Turf's amazing meadow turf


They even got me planting the top of the wall!


Roulette hiding behind the werner stepladder 



A Long Eaed Owl coming into land.

Top of the Morning II


The stand at night

James Doran Webb