Animalier - a cocktail table book of James Doran-Webb

November, 2017


"I am addicted to creating. As a shy 3 year old I am told that nothing pleased me more than being holed up in my playroom building ever larger lego structures and I have not looked back since…."


So begins the introduction of my 110 page cocktail table book – “Animalier”. Over the years I have amassed a portfolio of images of my sculptures taken, for the most part, by my good friend Rolando Pascua. I go to extraordinary lengths to get my sculptures out into the wild to orchestrate a perfect, natural shot. This is a major challenge; rain, dogs, smoking strobes, truck breakdowns, forgotten transponders or the sheer weight of logistical challenges with transporting 500 kg of sculpture 100kms into the hills on chalkstone roads lay waste to the best made plans!



Nonetheless "Animalier" is brim full of superb images and makes a perfect Christmas present. It contains some 70 images which constitute the best of over 10 years of early morning photoshoots. 


The proceeds of the book go towards supporting my tree planting project – 80,000 trees. If you are interested in following my progress, please check into our facebook page - 80,000 trees.


Please order a book by clicking on the following link:


Below please find the first 5 pages of the book.


Merry Christmas :)






James Doran Webb