The Rutting Stags In Bronze

July, 2013

David Goode, a reknowned artist famous for his quirky sculptures of Gnome baiting Elves and Goblins, has spent the better part of the last year preparing my driftwood sculpture of two rutting stags for casting in bronze to make a limited edition of 10 Rutting Stags.

The Rutting Stags - the original driftwood version
The job of mould making was extremely complicated with the mould sections for the trunk alone reaching almost 100. I worked with David at the foundry for a week last April when I welded almost hundreds of individual pieces of bronze beard onto the throat of each of the rutting stags. The driftwood sculpture was a labour of love for me and the bronze reincarnation has definately been the same for David. The bronze looks fantastic and was exhibited at the County Landowners Association (CLA) fair on the scorchingly hot weekend of July 20.
The Bronze version of the Rutting Stags

James Doran Webb