James doran webb

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A Frog is out to make a splash
Diver I
  Dragonflies made from ages old driftwood reinforced with a stainless steel structure
Touchdown XI, XII and XIV
Hummingbirds at a dripping tap Driftwood on Stainless steel The brass tap is finished in a verdigris patina and anchored to a stone slab Good for outdoors or in
Thirsty Hummingbirds I and Too
  A Sunbird drinks nectar from a dandelion Long dead wood on a stainless steel armature Dandelion is stainless steel mounted on marble
The Sunbird and the Dandelion
Two owls in flight in the background with The Dancing Owl in the foreground Each owl is anchored to a stainless steel reinforced post which stands on a bevelled plinth
The Launching Owls
  Each Philosopher is imbued with his own gravitas and personality Each owl perches atop a 19th century sugarcane steel railroad tie anchored to a stainless steel plinth 2500 each
The Philosophers
A maquette of the life-size Rearing Stallion Icarus The maquette is mounted on a 100cm post anchored to a bevelled stainless steel plinth
Icarus I
  A maquette of the life-size racing thoroughbred Fireball The Maquette is mounted to an inclined post anchored to a stainless steel bevelled plinth
Fireball I
A mouse threatens to polish off the cheese Edition of 30
The Turophile
  A Mouse with tail intact sits astride a magnificent 3 piece carving set made by Laguiole displayed in a gnarly custom made hard wood box
A Christmas carving set

A Robin Nest
  A Hedgehog claws her way up to the lip of a wonderfully grained fruit bowl made of long dead hardwood Edition of 16
The Climber
A Robin chirps for attention atop a gnarly box All made from long dead wood Edition of 16
The Chirper
  A hedgehog awaits a little attention standing astride his long dead hardwood box Edition of 20
Mr. Prickly
James Doran Webb