James doran webb

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A Hedgehog stands on a driftwood plinth
  A Kitten sits on a hardwood pillow
Bolster Bunny
A Frog sits astridfe a limestone ball
A Well Rounded Frog
  Hummingbirds at a dripping tap Driftwood on Stainless steel The brass tap is finished in a verdigris patina and anchored to a stone slab Good for outdoors or in
Thirsty Hummingbirds
Two robins share a Christmas feast
A Christmas Feast
  An octopus made from long dead wood and second life stainless steel
Old Eight Legs
A squirrel reaches out for an Acorn
  Long eared owls built on a sturdy stainless steel armature mounted on 19th century steel rail road sleepers from the sugar plantation
The Philosophers
Dragonflies made from ages old driftwood reinforced with a stainless steel structure
Touchdown XI, XII and XIV
  A Kingdfisher exits the water with a stickleback in his beak Mounted on a stainless steel plinth
The Kingfisher
Mice made with recycled magnets ready to attach to radiators Aga flews and fridges
Magnet mice
  A bat built on stainless steel armature rests in his coffin
Vlad the Bat and Company
Mice on top of the box cover made of Driftwood
The Cheeky Mouse
  A Little Bird chirping on the cover of the box
The Chirper
A Hedgehog stands on the box cover
Mr. Prickly
  A maquette of the life-size racing thoroughbred Fireball The Maquette is mounted to an inclined post anchored to a stainless steel bevelled plinth
Fireball I
James Doran Webb