James doran webb

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A frog getting out to make his splash It is made of dead woods that attached together by screwing bolting and welded to a stainless steel armature that runs way down to the subterranean base
Diver I
  Dragonflies made from long-dead driftwood with stainless steel wings and legs Stainless steel runs through the sculpture all the way down through its long post to a subterranean
Touchdown XI, XII and XIV
Humming bird quench their thirst at a dripping tap long dead driftwoods attached to marine grade stainless steel Tap id made of brass
Thirsty Hummingbirds I and Too
  Edition of 10 no longer available A Sunbird drinks nectar from a dandelion Long dead wood on a stainless steel armature Dandelion is stainless steel mounted on marble Edition of 8
The Sunbird and the Dandelion
Owls unfold their wings to take to the sky Driftwood attached to a stainless steel armature that support the 180cm lag column and attached to a stainless steel plinth
The Launching Owls
  Each Philosopher is imbued with his own gravitas and personality The owl perch atop a 19th century sugarcane steer railroad tie attached to a stainless steel plinth 2500 each
The Philosophers
A maquette of Icarus a Rearing Stallion Driftwood mounted on stainless steel attached to a desk stainless steel plinth
Icarus I
  A maquette of Fireball a Galloping thoroughbred Driftwood mounted on a stainless steel attached to a desk stainless steel plinth
Fireball I
A mouse threatens to polish off the cheese Edition of 30
The Turophile
  A Mouse with tail intact sits astride a magnificent 3 piece carving set made by Laguiole displayed in a gnarly custom made hard wood box
A Christmas carving set

A Robin Nest
  A Hedgehog claws her way up to the lip of a wonderfully grained fruit bowl made of long dead hardwood Edition of 16
The Climber
A Robin chirps for attention atop a gnarly box All made from long dead wood Edition of 16
The Chirper
  A hedgehog awaits a little attention standing astride his long dead hardwood box Edition of 20
Mr. Prickly
James Doran Webb