James doran webb

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This installation, which took me over 2 years to build, tells the story of 3 of Poseidons offspring emerging from their Aquatic habitat to confront their new world, water teeming from their hooves and tails
The Coming of Age of the Infants of Poseidon
  A Peacock unfurls his feathers. Driftwood on Stainless steel with stainless steel tail feathers and sustainably sourced Paua shell eyes. He stands on a stainless steel plinth.
Glory I
My Phoenix flies forth from the flames of the old, launching herself into a brighter future. Long dead hardwood and stainless steel.
  Aurora and her foals. The horses can be bought individually. All are suitable for outdoors.... Cost indicated below is for Aurora only
Aurora and her Foal
Mr Moonfox gazes towards the skies. The sculpture is mounted on a 19th century post that is anchored in turn to a stainless steel plinth. Suitable for outdoors.
Mr. Moonfox I
  Velvet, the young buck, looks behind while his mentor, the Young Monarch, fixes straight ahead. The cost indicated below is for the Young Monarch
The Young Monarch and Velvet
A Golden eagle perches on a magnificent gnarly tree surveying his territory. Built on a stainless steel armature which extends from the head of the eagle all the way to a Subterranean base
Down Time Up Tree
  A dramatic sculpture of a thoroughbred galloping towards the finish line. Long dead hard as nails driftwood welded and bolted onto a substantial stainless steel armature that descends through the front legs to a subterranean base. Suitable for outdoors.... Price on request
A squirrelglances up enquiringly. The sculpture is attached to a post anchored in turn to a stainless steel bevelled plinth.
  The Watch Hare stands proudly on his 19th century post. Anchored to a stainless steel plinth, this sculpture is suitable for indoors and out.
The Watch Hare
An Osprey takes flight from a 10ft high natural rock waterfall. This water feature is free standing in its own 2,000 litre basin. The reverse side is planted. The sculpture looks absolutely magnificent from all angles. It comes with its own pump system.
The Flight of the Osprey
  Temple of Diana is sanctuary to 6 birds; a golden eagle flying from the crest of the dome, three owls and a pheasant on the outer dome and one owl inside. Seats 6 on its woven copper benches. The dome is ready for planting with a full irrigation system.
Temple of Diana
A Peacock stands proudly on his Plinth.
Vanity I
  A Wyvern of character unfurls his wings
The Wyverns post
Two cock pheasants fight for supremacy. The claws and feet are made from stainless steel that extends to all parts of the sculpture providing structure. This sculpture is suitable for both indoors and out.
Rivalry - the battle of two Cock pheasants
  A magnificent Highland Bull made up of age old driftwood mounted onto a sturdy stainless steel armature. Built to last generations.
The Highland Bull
Braggadocio confidently strides forth into the unknown. This was made of long-dead hardwood bolted and screwed onto a stainless steel armature and runs all the way down through its long post to a subterranean base. The piece is structurally very stable.
Braggadocio I
  A verdigris patina salmon is caught by a driftwood Golden Eagle. Stainless steel runs through the entire sculpture
A very large toad sits astride a 19th century post.
  A very healthy cat perches atop a gnarly 19th century Molave post. Age old driftwood mounted on a sturdy stainless steel armature. The sculpture sits on a stainless steel plinth. Suitable for indoors or out.
Mr Tippertyflipjicket
A hauntingly beautiful bust of a young monarch mounted on 19th century sleeper rails from the sugarcane steam railroads.
The Bust of Young Monarch
  A dramatic Shark glides through the garden suspended by his tail fin. Long dead driftwood bolted and welded onto a substantial stainless steel armature that descends to a subterranean base. This sculpture is suitable for outdoors.
Dexter the Mako Shark
Three dolphins seemingly defy the laws of gravity. Water drops from the underside of the dolphins, camouflaging the 4 anchor points. 2 pumps provide strong water flow. The sculpture is primarily stainless steel with hard oily driftwood bolted to it. The optional limestone cast fountain bath, sculpture can sit in an existing water feature or alternatively can be displayed in its own 4.5m diameter limestone cast fountain bath. Suitable for indoors or out.... Price on request.
James Doran Webb