2021 Exhibitions

June, 2021

The Coming of Age of the Infants of Poseidon


I am really excited to have finally completed ‘The Coming of Age of the Infants of Poseidon’ which has been two years in the making. ‘Infants’ was conceived before most of us learnt of Wuhan’s existence - however the timing of their arrival is very apt. The installation is Renaissance inspired and tells the story of three of Poseidon’s off-spring, Kymopoleia, Bellus and Perseus, emerging from their water habitat to confront a new world outside. Water teems from their hooves and tails as they shake off the security of the familiar.

The Coming Of Age Of the Infants Of Poseidon... price on demand


Making the installation has been incredibly exciting - and challenging. Stainless steel, which always runs through the core of my sculptures, now plays a prominent role outside. I fabricated all the plinths and the hooves in my workshop from marine grade  stainless steel. Embedded in each hoof are 2 cisterns  that are connected with internal pipework to the base of the plinths to support the dramatic water works.

The Renaissance period has inspired much of my exhibit this year, from the Tuscany backdrop with its 5m high Jasmine creepers to the Temple of Ceres, that proudly stands at the centre of my exhibit. The temple is sanctuary to an assortment of driftwood birds flying around its canopy! Together with its copper woven seats, 88,000pcs Romanesque mosaic and highly polished stainless-steel cupola, the Temple is a sight to behold!


The Temple of Diana.... Price on Demand


This year has been an exploration in fusing my long dead wood with other materials. A verdigris patined stainless-steel salmon is lifted by a driftwood Golden Eagle in ‘Dinner’.


Dinner.... £10,500.00, 220x100(h)cm


Similarly, metal legs allow my owls to defy gravity. My crowning ‘Glory’ proudly unfurls his 40 tail feathers made from stainless steel and inlaid with 120 pieces of the wonderful sustainably sourced Paua shell found only in New Zealand.


“Glory” (1st of 2)... £13,500.00, 180cmx140cm high


The second Peacock uses stainless steel for his crown and his feet. Meet Vanity:


“Vanity” (1st of 4)... £7,000.00, 50x40x190(h)cm 


A rather pugnacious Wyvern also recognizes the value of an exhibition as he stretches out his wings - and tongue!


The Wyvern's Post (1st of 2)... £10,000.00, 100x210(h)cm


 Back to  Scotland, keeping my Golden Eagle company are two stags, a young buck called Velvet and his mentor, The Young Monarch, look inquiringly towards a point of interest;


  The Young Monarch... £20,000.00, 190x227(h)cm

Velvet... £12,000.00, 140x180(h)cm


And for a little attitude one should look no further than “Grip”, a study of 4 very large frogs;


Grip I (1st of 4)... £4,000.00, 60x160(h)cm 


Another irrepressible character is "Curiosity I", one of four studies of a squirrel;


Curiosity I (1st of 4)... £2,500.00, 40x100(h)cm


I have made a small edition of Thirsty Hummingbirds. The materials used are brass, stainless steel and of course my long dead hardwood - the sculpture is suitable for both indoors and out.


The Thirsty Hummingbird... £1,800.00, 30x70(h)cm


My Philosophers make a fleeting comeback! With wings outstretched, they are caught in the moment before flight;


The Dancing Owl and The Launching Owls... £3,500.00, 100x190(h)cm


And lastly, a mythical bird that gave me much fulfillment during my lockdown last year. This is my take on the wonderful Pheonix - she stands 3m high flying from a burning globe, announcing to us all that life is in the process of restarting and for many of us the hope is there that when the time comes we will be rebuilding our lives more sustainably and equitably than we have done over the last 40 decades.


Rebirth!... £15,000.00, 100x300(h)cm


I very much look forward to showing you my latest work in person. I am holding 2 preview exhibitions in August and will of course be at the Chelsea Flower Show on Main Avenue with my biggest stand to date - here are the details


August 15 - 21... Trinity Manor Gardens, Trinity Manor, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5JP, Channel Isles


August 15 - 28... Close House Golf Course, Hadrian's Wall Path, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 0HT


September 21-26... Stand MA-330, Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea, London, SW11 4BY

James Doran Webb