March, 2017   
March, 2017   
Life-size thoroughbreds by sculptor artist James Doran-Webb at the skypark of SM Seaside city cebu.  ..More
February, 2017   
Cebu Daily News-Batang ..More
December, 2016   
Manila Standard article ..More
June, 2016   
THe first thing that Jer Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would have seen at Chelsea Flower Show this year  ..More
April, 2016   
It is hard to image how the lowly driftwood, scavenged from the beaches and rivers... ..More
January, 2016   
A three-meter high winged horse sculpture on display at the SM Seaside City Mall Read ..More
December, 2015   
James Doran-Webb displays a driftwood sculpture of Pegasus ..More
September, 2015   
Gardeb, Design & Natural History Auction ..More
August, 2015   
Cebu-based sculptor brings dead wood to life ..More
August, 2015   
One of the star attractions at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is the Wyvern — a dramatic sculpture of a fourlimbed dragon ..More
July, 2015   
It's amazing how much impact our childhood experiences have on the paths we choose to take ..More
June, 2015   
Driftwood Dragons And Beast Sculptures By James Doran-Webb ..More
May, 2015   
Driftwood sculptures at Chelsea Flower Show 2015 ..More
May, 2015   
May, 2015   
Using salvage driftwood while spearheading efforts to rebuild Philippine forests, James Doran-Webb creates beautiful sculptural pieces. ..More
February, 2015   
January, 2015   
Within the first hour, I sold my centerpiece to a fellow artist, and things all of a sudden looked a little brighter. ..More
December, 2014   
James Doran-Webb: How artistry won the Driftwood Derby ..More
December, 2014   
Diana Doran-Webb gazes up at the Driftwood Dragon that her father, James created.... ..More
December, 2014   
Hugely popular at Chelsea, and with oligarchs and owners of large estates, James Doran Webb’s driftwood sculptures of galloping animals, grizzly bears or golden eagles don’t come cheap ..More
May, 2014   
Artiste anglais, residant aux Philippines, James DOran-Webb cree ses sculptures a partir de bois flotte charrie par la mer ou les riviers. Voici son histoire ..More
April, 2014   
1/10 James Doran-Webb sculptures for the Chelsea Flower Show ..More
March, 2014   
Seine Eltem waren Antiquitatenhandler, er selbst machte sein Geld mit einem Stand auf Londons Portobello Markt. Bei einer Reise auf die Philippinen kam dem Briten James Doran-Webb eine sundende Idee ..More
January, 2014   
James Doran-Webb, a British sculptor, on one of three horses he made from driftwood on a Cebu beach in the Philippines... ..More
January, 2014   
These Wild Horses couldn't drag you away. While they may look realistic, each one has been lovingly built using pieces of floating timber ..More
January, 2014   
The life-size sculptures are the work of Birmingham master craftsman James Doran-Webb, 46, who spent a painstaking six months assembling them as part of celebration to mark the Chinese New Year in Singapore. ..More
January, 2014   
Breathtaking Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb ..More
December, 2013   
The British Sculptor creates furniture and animal sculptures from driftwood. The animal series are created both life-sized and in miniature ..More
August, 2013   
British sculptor James Doran-Webb uses driftwood and recycled metal to construct remarkable, life-size sculptures of various animals. From horses and dogs to a lion and a deer, the artist has a vast collection of wooden animals, each boasting a uniquely t ..More
August, 2013   
Kunst in Ootmarsum editie 2013 heeft een geweldige publiekstrekker in huis weten te halen. Dankzij de Ootmarsummer Harry Oude Weernink zijn er contacten gelegd met de kunstenaar James Doran-Webb. ..More
July, 2013   
Something Different. James Doran-Webb is an artist with an invigorating twist, for his incredibly life-like animal sculptures ..More
June, 2013   
Perfect Blooms and Pastoral Delights. The coldest winter and spring in memory didn't prevent top exhibitors from around the world creating a memorable event for the premier show's Chelsea centenary ..More ..More
June, 2013   
Lions, gnomes and a whole heap of colour at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show  ..More
March, 2013   
The Driftwood Sculptures of James Doran-Webb showing until 28 March, 2013 at the Stockbridge Gallery, Animals in Art  ..More
February, 2013   
The Driftwood Sculptures of James Doran-Webb showing until 28 March, 2013 at the Stockbridge Gallery, Animals in Art  ..More
January, 2013   
Dog Sculptures in Drifwood. Just when I think I have exhausted every medium and material there is in my pursuit of the Dog in Art, along comes something new ..More
November, 2012   
Driftwood animals flock to Eton High Street An amazing site greeted visitors to Eton on Saturday as an impressive array of animals crowded the pavement ..More
November, 2012   
James Doran-Webb,  ..More
November, 2012   
James Doran-Webb,  ..More
November, 2012   
The Driftwood Sculptures of James Doran-Webb showing until 28 March, 2013 at the Stockbridge Gallery, Animals in Art ..More
April, 2012   
Short Film on Sculptor James Doran-Webb. At the risk of overloading you all with projects centred around wooden construction, I unearthed this short film on British sculptor James Doran-Webb earlier this morning that completely blew me away ..More ..More
January, 2011   
...We recently had an exhibition of a group of driftwood sculptures by Jim Doran-Webb... they flew out of the door - it was something nnobody planned and it turned out to be an enormous success ..More
May, 2010   
A moving scene in the life of a Driftwood Stag. Passers-by would be forgiven for thinking that a scene from Bambi was being re-enacted ..More
November, 2008   
BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL. Just look at these statement-making pieces that made our jaws drop at the Recent Manila F.A.M.E. Exhibition.... ..More



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